NSF I/UCRC Safety, Security, and Rescue Research Center – SSR-RC

What is an I/UCRC?

Industry University Cooperative Research Center, I/UCRC, is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded consortium of companies and universities working together on industry-relevant research in an emerging field.

The SSR-RC is the only NSF I/UCRC focused on robotics technologies.

SSR-RC focuses on the emerging field of Safety, Security, and Rescue research, which includes a variety of topics in healthcare, manufacturing, homeland security, and emergency preparedness and response. Additional university partners in the I/UCRC SSR-RC include: University of Minnesota (Lead University), University of Pennsylvania and University of Denver.

MISSION: The UNC Charlotte SSR-RC site mission is to conduct partner-oriented, multi-disciplinary research on computation-driven robotic and sensor systems augmented by data analysis, to improve the safety, capability and well-being of humans.

RESEARCH FOCUS: The UNC Charlotte SSR-RC site focuses on research to solve issues related to the physical safety and wellbeing of humans as workers, patients, and customers.

The SSR-RC Site Planning Meeting was successfully held at UNC Charlotte on Sept. 10–11, 2012, followed by the SSR-RC Symposium held in the center city building on Sept. 12-13, 2012.

Click here to download the SSR-RC Talking Points Brochure.


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